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Are YOU part of the Two-thirds of Americans who would have trouble accessing $1,000 in a crisis?

According to a poll conducted by the USA Today newspaper and published on May 21, 2016, approximately 70% of Americans would have a hard time accessing $1,000 in the event of an emergency.  Why, in the wealthiest Nation on earth, would this happen, and more importantly how did this happen?  Here at IFLA, the International Financial Leadership Association, we give you facts, then allow you to implement ideas as you see fit.  One of those facts is, NOBODY CARES IF YOU'RE STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY, AS LONG AS YOU KEEP SENDING MONEY TO THE BANK!

IFLA is not funded by any government organization or the financial industry.  We make our money the old fashioned way, we earn it by delivering information to people who desire a better future for themselves, and need content that is designed to help them, not sell them something.

Think about this FACT; If nearly 70% of the population of any Nation were to suffer from a medical disease, every scientist, research center and government agency would be throwing money at it in an effort to find a cure.  Why isn't that happening for the pandemic of "MONEMIA", Professor Ballance's word for the systemic lack of money (similar to how anemia is the medical term for the lack of red blood cells in the human body)?  The answers are simple:

  1. The media hasn't taken up the cause, and rallied supporters to help because their sponsors profit from the disease
  2. Government officials see people who depend on subsidies as political slaves
  3. Money from financial industry lobbyists keep those politicians in office, as long a they don't make waves
  4. The people who need help are getting a "placebo" paid for by the very industry that profits from the disease in the first place!

Maybe you don't even know you're suffering from this economic pandemic.  Maybe you feel the stress, but just don't seem to be able to get off that hamster wheel of debt that is slowly killing your hopes for a brighter future.  YOUR HOPE IS HERE my friend!

Enroll in IFLA University for Financial Freedom, and learn what you were never supposed to know.  Learn what the financial industry spends Billions of dollars every year to hide from you. Learn about the effort to perpetuate this disease so you'll keep turning to them for help, making them even wealthier.  Henry Ford said it best:


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