Training financial professionals is our business. Helping you have more money is our passion.

IFLA, (International Financial Leadership Association) is a not for profit corporation established in the State of Missouri. We are focused to deliver the most comprehensive, timely and accurate financial information available anywhere.

IFLA’s mission is to provide financial literacy to all who desire a better life now and for their future. Because there are so many people repeating the same old “one size fits all” message that benefits the financial industry more than the individual consumer, many people are shocked to hear what we have to say.

IFLA is not sponsored by or compensated by any bank, insurance company or investment firm. You can always trust that the message you receive from our education programs are unbiased, but always help you understand why there is so much effort put forth to make you think the way of the masses. The financial industry spends Billions of Dollars every year to prevent you from knowing what IFLA’s financial literacy programs teach.

The IFLA Fiduciary Oath states that the advisor will always place the best interest of the client above the industry, any Company, and even their own earnings potential. Working with an IFLA Certified financial professional will give you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for when it comes to having money working for you, and knowing there is someone who is watching out for you, not their own profit.


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